The “Sediment management 2018” posters are now available!


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Poster presenters


Francesca Berteni

Using High-Resolution Bedload Transport Tracer Measurements to Investigate the Characteristics of Bedload Transport over a Large Urban Flood Event


Margherita Bufalini

“Trap Efficiency” Loss of Artificial Reservoirs through a Direct and Indirect Evaluation of Soil Erosion Rate in a Sample Catchment of Central Italy


Anuschka Buter

Sediment Cascades in Mountainous Glaicarized Catchments Analysed by Means of Geomorphological Connectivity


Alessandro Cattapan

Dynamic Sediment Connectivity in Alpine Catchments as a Tool for Sediment Management at the River Basin Scale


Marco Cavalli

Geomorphometric Assestment of Sediment Connectivity: a New Tool for Sediment Management


Silvia Cilli

Long Term Monitoring of River Bedload Flux in Representative Sandbed Rivers of the Emilia-Romagna Region


Matteo Facchini

Discretization of the Grain Size Distribution and its Effects on River Morphodynamics Modeling

Downstream Morphological Effects of Sediment Bypass Tunnel Operations


Massimo Guerrero

Assesting the Suspended Sediment Concentration by Means of Acoustic Doppler Echo Profiling


Konstantinos Kaffas

Development of Mathematical Model for Calculating Continous Hydrographs and Sediment Graphs in a Basin due to Rainfall


Mohit Kaura

Sedimentation and Hydropower: a Detailed Impact Analyses of Changing Sediment Regime in Cambodian Rivers


Maciej Liro

Model Of Backwater-Inducted Abiotic-Biotic Interactions In Gravel-Bed River


Riccardo Rainato

A new Exceptional Event in Rio Cordon Basin: new Challenger after the October 2018 Flood


Diego Ravazzolo

The role of Hydrographs on Sediment Transport and Bed Microforms Formation


Taro Uchida

Monitoring Network For Sediment Discharge At Mountain Rivers in Japan


Matilde Welber

Sediment Dynamicx in Glacier-Fed Rivers