The “Sediment management 2018” conference was a success: thank you all attendees, poster presenters and speakers for your engagement!


Please feel free to download all the presentations. We are constantly updating this page in these days.


Presentations on November 8


Mélanie Bertrand

Examples of sediment replenishment in French Alpine rivers


Robert Michael Boes

Bypass tunnels to route sediment around dams


Andrea Goltara

Sediment transport and ecosystem services: the “Hymocares” project


Helmut Habersack

Suspended transport monitoring and modelling: state of the art


Mario Koksch

Sediment management in Switzerland


Pedro Manso

Sediment management options for Alpine reservoirs: current practices and innovative solutions


Luca Mao

Sediment transport in high-elevation basins and future trends


Susanne Mehlhorn

The Austrian concept for sediment management in torrential catchments


Sushuke Miyata

Recent developments in sediment monitorin in Japanese rivers


Dieter Rickenmann

Beadload transport monitoring and modelling: state of the art


Benoît Terrier

Challenges of sediment management in the Rhône Mediterranean and Corsican river basins


Ellen Wohl

The relevance of sediment regime for river ecosystems



Presentations on November 9


Alberto Cisotto

Nuovo approccio per la gestione dei sedimenti: il caso del bacino Cellina-Meduna


Andrea Colombo

La gestione dei sedimenti nel bacino del Po


Andrea Goltara

Problematiche aperte della gestione dei sedimenti a livello nazionale


Mauro del Longo

Monitoraggio del trasporto solido nei bacini appenninici


Roberto Dinale

Esperienze e rete di monitoraggio del trasporto solido in Alto Adige


Peter Hecher

Interventi integrati: mitigazione e riqualificazione in Alto Adige


Emanuele Preciso

Esperienze di monitoraggio del trasporto solido in Veneto


Silvia Simoni

Il monitoraggio del trasporto solido: l’esperienza in ARPA Lombardia




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